The Surrounding Game

2016, documentary, US, China, Japan, Korea, Canada, 97 minutes, director: Will Lockhart & Cole Pruitt

Saturday, June 10, 2017 | 11:30AM | CANADIAN PREMIERE | TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX

Go is the oldest board game still played in its original form. In East Asia, where the game has been studied and played for thousands of years, Go is hailed as one of humankind’s great cultural treasures. Students as young as five begin studying in special Go academies, training for years for a slim shot at becoming a professional player. Across the Pacific, the American Go community, a ragtag group of gamers and aging hippies, lags far behind. In response, they launch a tournament to crown the US’s first professional players.

Rated: PG

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2016, documentary, US, 7 minutes, director: David Freid
Canadian Premiere

For Damion DiGrazia, a lucrative career at a top investment bank in Manhattan after graduating from Harvard and Columbia wasn’t enough. He also competes in the Armored Combat League — a sort of medieval fight club.

Rated: 14A

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