Canadian Sport Film Festival Submission Regulations

To operate a not-for-profit organization that explores the ways in which sport, physical activity, recreation, dance, and play provide meaningful experiences in the lives of people around the world. These practices—broadly defined here as “sport”—are often used as agents in social change and the organization will shed light on the ways in which these practices both reflect and shape diverse cultures. This fuller understanding of the centrality of sport to everyday lives encourages a greater appreciation of our global communities.

To host a film festival that offers filmmakers an opportunity to explore the connections between sport and society. Such a festival provides a unique venue for Canadian and international examinations of these themes, while at the same time creating a forum for artists, academics, and activists to exchange ideas. The proceeds from this not-for-profit venture will be put towards hosting filmmakers from throughout the developing world and also ensuring that the festival’s films receive the widest possible audience.

Date of production: Productions must be completed after January 2016 unless solicited by the Festival.

Language: Films must be in English or have English sub-titles


  • Dramatic features and live-action shorts
  • Documentary features and shorts
  • Animated features and shorts

Note: shorts are considered to be films less than 30 minutes

Type of film festival: Non-competitive

Entry Fees and Deadlines


  • Entry fee, before Dec. 1, 2017: $25
  • Entry fee, before Jan. 31, 2018: $40


  • Entry fee, before Dec. 1, 2017: $40
  • Entry fee, before Jan. 31, 2018: $50

Payment of entry fees:

  • Paypal, sent to: [email protected]
  • Cheque or money order, made payable to Canadian Sport Film Festival
  • Submissions from outside Canada: Paypal or international money order
  • Films will not be considered for entry until cheques clear the bank; NSF cheques are subject to a $20 bank service charge


  • Selection: Entrants will be notified of the decision regarding their film before the end of April 2018. No selected film or video may be withdrawn from the Festival.
  • The Festival pays screening fees of $200 for a feature film and $50 for a short film. For non-Canadian productions, PayPal is the Festival’s preferred method of payment; wire transfers will not be sent for fees of less than $200.
  • Promotion: The Festival and its media partners reserve the right to use excerpts (up to five minutes) of, and to reproduce photos of the production for promotion and publicity purposes.
  • Filmmaker attendance: Filmmakers of some selected productions will be invited to the Festival and will be the Festival’s guests, including accommodation and/or transportation.

Shipping and Responsibility

All shipping and related costs for exhibition films/videos sent to the Festival must be borne by the owner.

Each film/video sent to the Festival is entered in Canada on a temporary duty free and GST exempt basis, which means that all films must leave Canada following the Festival. To prevent delays and duty at customs, please:

  • Mark all packages with “Film/Video for Festival to be returned to owner – No Commercial Value”.
  • Include an invoice containing title of film, format, and fair market value (cost of print only)
  • All exhibition videos and film prints will be returned by regular mail (unless specified otherwise and paid by the entrant).

The Festival is not responsible in case of accidental damage or loss of entries, except when in the Festival’s possession.

Liability: in case of loss or damage to a print, the obligation of the Festival is limited to compensating the filmmakers for the cost of making a new print.

The Festival has the power to decide on any matters not specifically dealt with in these regulations. Notice of participation implies acceptance of these regulations. In any dispute, the decision of the Festival will be final.