The Canadian Sport Film Festival is hosting an exclusive screening and an interactive panel in hopes to engage and inspire students through film.  

The Canadian Sport Film Festival brings together the theatre of sport and the medium of film to tell unique, provocative and passionate human stories from around the world. CSFF filmgoers are exposed to the stories beyond the scoreboard, behind the camera and told with a critical lens.

When:  Friday June 9th, 2017
Time:   10:00 - 12:00 p.m. 
Where:  Father Henry Carr Catholic Secondary School, Etobicoke ON

Keepers of the Game

2016, documentary, US, 82 minutes, director: Judd Ehrlich

Although lacrosse on Akwesasne Mohawk Territory has historically been the preserve of men, an aboriginal girls’ lacrosse team is formed at nearby Salmon River High School in Fort Covington, New York. But the team faces ambivalence in their own community and the girls must prove that the game of lacrosse is their rightful inheritance. With more than just the championship on the line, the girls fight to blaze a new path for the next generation of Mohawk women, while honouring their people’s tradition in a changing world.

Rated: PG

The film will be followed by an interactive Q&A along with a representative from a Local Track and Field Club.

Anson Henry - Canadian Olympian, CBC Olympic Broadcaster and NCAA Champion is the host the event.