Fighting for Peace

Netherlands, 2015, documentary, 72 min, dir: Joost van der Valk & Mags Gavan

Saturday, March 18, 2017 | 7:00PM | Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts

Two of the most successful participants in Luta Pela Paz, an NGO and boxing school based in one of Rio’s most violent and poorest favelas, are on a quest to become national champions. Douglas has lost a sister to addiction, while Sugar is the sole provider for his mother and seven siblings. Boxing may be their only way out. 

Screening with:

Outside the Ring

Canada, 2013, documentary, 28 min, dir: Joanne Green, Steve Lindsay

A group of women and trans survivors of violence in Toronto are part of a unique violence recovery program that integrates boxing into their healing.

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Moderated by Cathy van Ingen, Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Brock University

Post-film discussion guest speakers: Joanne Green, director Outside the Ring and Dr. Jamie Mandigo, Professor of Kinesiology and Vice-Provost, Enrolment Management & International, Brock University, who ran a boxing program in Guatemala.

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