Daddy Loves You

2015, documentary, Finland, 57 minutes, director: Ninni Rokosa

Sunday, June 11, 2017 | 12:00PM | CANADIAN PREMIERE | TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX

Jussi Koivula was orphaned at age twelve before losing two siblings to alcohol and substance abuse. He found security and a purpose in a boxing ring. But while he was once a rising star in Finnish boxing, he is now 29 and recovering from a serious eye injury. As Jussi prepares for a fight that will determine the future direction of his career, he reflects on the sacrifices he is making to earn a living.

Rated: 14A

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2015, documentary, US, 33 minutes, director: Andy Gosche
World Premiere

Peter Pacifica, an unofficial high school football mascot and super fan, attempts to attend his 500th football game after a scandal during his final year cheering for the team.

Rated: PG


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