US, 2014, documentary, 89 min, dir: Ursula Liang

Saturday, May 21, 2016 | 12:00PM | TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX

9-man volleyball is a unique game played in the parking lots and back alleys of Chinatowns across Canada and the US. Created at a time when anti-Chinese sentiment and laws forced restaurant workers and laundrymen to socialize exclusively among themselves, “9-man” is today home to a community of men who know a different, more integrated world, and the game is a focal point of debates about autonomy and tradition. 

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France, 2015, fiction, 17 min, dir: Hortense Gélinet
North American Premiere

Samir’s great passion is soccer and his favourite team, Paris St. Germain. His girlfriend, Anna, has wearied of evenings spent in front of the television, until one day she discovers the existence of PSG star, Zlatan Ibrahimoic.